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1730 - QuadTech RLC Impedance Meters

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1730 - QuadTech RLC Impedance Meters

100kHz (Test Freq. Range High)

  • 12 Measurement Parameters
  • 0.1% Basic Measurement Accuracy
  • 7 Test Frequencies: 100Hz-100kHz
  • Programmable Test Voltage: 10mV-1V
  • Measurement Speeds up to 62/second
  • Monitor DUT Voltage and Current
  • Large High Resolution Graphic Display
  • IEEE and Handler Interfaces, Standard
  • Automatic Open/Short Zeroing
  • Pass/Fail Binning (8)
  • Storage/Recall of 50 Setups
  • Measurement Averaging (1-256)
  • Measurement Delay (0-10 seconds)
  • Keypad Lockout
  • Easy Operation
  • Cable Correction 0-4M

Test Freq. Range High

Resistance Range High

Capacitance Range High
9.9999 F

L, C, Q, D, R

More Details
Precision LCR Digibridge (CE Mark)

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