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PM6000 - Voltech Power Recorders

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PM6000 - Voltech Power Recorders

Portable (Instrument Type)

Versatile, accurate, fully-featured and yet easy-to-use, the PM6000 provides definitive measurements of all electrical power quantities on all products that consume, convert, or generate electrical power.
The Voltech PM6000 combines years of power measurement know-how with the latest digital signal processing technology to provide a unique combination of measurement and reporting features that will solve power measurement problems.

Each measurement channel is a fully floating wattmeter with superb accuracy, bandwidth and rejection of common mode signals (CMRR). Up to 6 channels may be fitted into a PM6000 chassis which has an embedded PC running the Linux operating system for trouble-free operation.
The bright VGA display provides numeric and graphic measurements and shows the intuitive measurement menu. Connectivity includes RS232, printer and Ethernet (future software upgrade).

Instrument Type

Input Channels
Up to 6

Operation Modes
Meter, Analyzer

W, V, A, VA, RMS, harmonics THD, Inrush, ripple, PF, K-factor

More Details
Power Analyzer

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