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PM3000ACE - Voltech Power Recorders

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PM3000ACE - Voltech Power Recorders

Portable (Instrument Type)

The PM3000ACE is the high-precision anchor of the Voltech power analyzer range.
Deceptively easy-to-use and always providing reliable and stable measurements, the PM3000ACE is feature-packed with measurement algorithms gained from years of experience with our customer’s applications.

  • Intuitive front-panel or Windows software operation
  • High 0.05% basic accuracy
  • Wide bandwidth measurements, DC and 0.1Hz to 1MHz
  • Measures W, V, A, VA, Var, power factor, Cos, Vpk, Apk, crest factors, frequency and inrush current
  • Harmonics of V, A (incl. phase) and W to the 99th. THD
  • Integrator for W-hr, VA-hr, A-hr, VA-hr, average and target PF
  • Crest factors up to 20
  • Accurate on distorted waveforms and at low power factors
  • VPAS PC software for set-up, data storage and handling
  • All interfaces fitted as standard
  • All instruments supplied with test leads, user manual and certificate of calibration and conformance traceable to international standards
  • Range of accessories includes current clamps and transformers, PS1000 switch for inrush measurements and Ballast CT for electronic ballast testing
  • Unique frequency detection techniques to determine the frequency of the applied voltage and current. The PM3000ACE does NOT use simple zero-crossing techniques which provide inaccurate results on noisy and distorted waveforms
  • Simple calculation of watts and rms volts and amps according to classical textbook definitions. Provides accurate results when the waveform is not a sinusoid. Accurate with crest factors up to 20
  • Discrete Fourier Transform determines harmonics up to the 100th. The PM3000ACE does NOT use fast fourier (FFT) algorithms. FFTs are prone to errors that must be corrected using windowing techniques
  • Special PWM motor-drive and power transformer test modes
  • 4mm safety connectors for direct input of voltage and current
  • Range of external current transformers and other transducers connect easily to the analyzer
  • Torque and speed inputs for the measurement of mechanical power on motors and generators
  • IEEE488 (GPIB) and RS232 for full measurement set-up and recording

Instrument Type

Input Channels

Operation Modes
Meter, Monitor

Watts, V, A, VA, VAR, Power Factor, Vpk, Apk, Crest Factor (CF), Frequency (f), Harmonics, A, (including Phase) and W. Total Harmonic Distortion. Integrator for W-hr, VA-hr, A-hr, VA-hr, Average and target PF.

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