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PM1000+ - Voltech Power Recorders

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PM1000+ - Voltech Power Recorders

Portable (Instrument Type)

The Voltech PM1000 is the first power analyzer to combine bench instrument accuracy with sophisticated energy consumption features and low-power standby measurements at an affordable price. The PM1000+ measures power consumption from milliwatts to megawatts, providing accurate power and harmonic data on products ranging from the tiniest cell phone charger to the latest electric hybrid bus.

  • Direct connection - no CT errors
  • Accurate up to Crest Factors of 20 - no compromise specification on distorted waveforms
  • Rugged analog design- stands overloads up to 5kV
  • Discrete Fourier Transform provides harmonics more accurately than FFT
  • Voltech proprietary frequency detection avoids problems with zero-crossing detection
  • Built with low power standby in mind - no special accessories or channels required
  • High sample rate captures all the data and avoids aliasing problems
  • Full color clear and versatile display
  • Great interfacing USB, IEEE, RS232

Instrument Type

Input Channels

Operation Modes
Harmonics diaplay, energy integrator, waveform display, standby power, lighting ballast, normal, inrush current

VDC, Vrms, Vp, Inrush, ADC, Arms, Ap, Inrush, Watts, VA, VAr, PF, Frequency, Harmonics, THD, Impedance, Resistance, Reactance, Lo-Power Standby Measurements

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Next Generation Power Analyzer

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