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808 A - Fluke Power Recorders

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808 A - Fluke Power Recorders

Portable (Instrument Type)

MEMOBOX is the ideal tool for power quality analysis, disturbance investigation and network optimisation in low and medium voltage networks. Application oriented test functions record all relevant parameters for the actual application.

Memobox 808 A: The elite power quality recorder designed with a real-time LC display, five hour UPS and expanded memory to ensure everything is recorded.

  • Compact, rugged form factor with IP50 protection and wide operating temperature range allows flexible use both in plant and in the field
  • Accurately validate system performance with IEC 61000-4-30 class A accuracy and EN50160 overview
  • Configure Memobox for any test with over 500 parameters and memory for up to 85 days
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive application software provides trend diagrams, statistical summaries, report writing and real-time data monitoring while in the online mode
  • Assess the severity of power quality problems with > 13.000 dip, swell, or interruption events
  • Verify instrument setup and system conditions before starting long-term recordings with LED indicators or LC-display.
  • Set up in minutes with the self-identifying current probes and single lead voltage connections
  • Access data remotely through direct modem connection to RS232 serial port
  • Save operating expenses with the 2 year recalibration interval

Instrument Type

Input Channels
4 for three phase voltage inputs and neutral; current measurement with clamps

Operation Modes
Recorder, Analyzer, Meter

V, A, rms V/A, VA, VAR, PF, neutral conductor current, events, W, energy, flicker, THD, harmonics, interharmonics, ripple, crest factor current, unbalance, frequency

More Details
Memobox Power Distribution Network Analyzer

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