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DL9040L - Yokogawa Digital Oscilloscopes

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DL9040L - Yokogawa Digital Oscilloscopes

500.0MHz (Bandwidth)

  • 500 MHz bandwidth with up to 5G samples/sec
  • High acquisition rates:
    • Continuous mode (When the accumulation function is used):ćUp to 25,000 frames/sec for each channel
    • N Signal mode: Up to 2.5 million frames/sec for each channel
  • History memory: The large-capacity memory can be partitioned to automatically accumulate and display up to 2,000 waveform frames
  • CAN bus and LIN bus signal analysis function options
  • Thin and compact:ćA thin (only 18cm), companct, and lightweight (only 6.5 kg) design makes the DL9040/DL9040L easy to carry around
  • Security for confidential tests: For units without the HDD, it is both easy and fast to securely erase all the data in the unit
  • A small footprint means more room on the bench for the DUT: The DL9000 is only 35 cm wide and 18 cm deep so it does not take up all your valuable bench space
  • Flexible acquisitions: DL9000 signalXplorer allows user-selectable memory settings
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