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WaveRunner 62Xi-A - LeCroy Digital Oscilloscopes

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WaveRunner 62Xi-A - LeCroy Digital Oscilloscopes

600.0MHz (Bandwidth)

The LeCroy WaveRunner®  Xi-A is the most powerful and capable scope available in its class. Basic system validation using advanced triggers, fast viewing modes, measurement parameters, or serial decodes is simple and easy. Advanced debug, multi-domain analysis, and waveshape analysis are possible with tools unique to WaveRunner Xi-A. Optional application packages help you make sense of well-defined problems. WaveRunner Xi-A is the most complete “problem solving” oscilloscope from 400 MHz to 2 GHz with great performance, an unbelievable big display/small footprint form factor, and a multitude of fast viewing, SMART/serial data triggering, scanning, and WaveShape Analysis capabilities for fast or slow signals.

  • Bright, 10.4" Display
  • Only 15 cm (6") Deep
  • Dedicated Cursor Knobs
  • Touch Screen with Built-in Stylus
  • Enhanced Understanding of Serial Data Signals - Trigger on I2C, SPI, UART, RS-232, LIN, CAN, or FlexRay serial data patterns
  • Powerful Triggers Isolate Events - An extensive collection of SMART, Serial, and Digital (MS Series) triggers enables users to quickly and easily isolate events of interest (some optional)
  • WaveStream™ Fast Viewing Mode
  • Advanced Acquisition Modes
  • Completely Customizable - Quickly create your own measurement parameters or math functions using Excel, MATLAB,® or VBScripts (some capability optional)
  • WaveScan™ Advanced Search and Analysis
  • Advanced Application Packages - Use a variety of application packages to provide detailed, fast solutions for specific problems
  • Fast Long Memory with Front Panel Zoom Controls
  • Extensive Math and Measurement Capability
  • Beyond Time Domain Analysis - Amplify your understanding with multidomain analysis of your signals
  • Integrated Tool Sets - LeCroy math, measure, and analysis tools are tightly integrated with basic scope operations
  • Complete Probing Solutions - A wide variety of active FET probes, current probes, differential probes, and HV probes, with complete tip and ground accessories make it easy to probe your signals
  • Mixed Signal Oscilloscope Option
  • Power/Amplifier Measurements - Excellent overdrive recovery and signal integrity make WaveRunner Xi-A ideal for high-voltage switching loss, conduction loss, ripple, switching power supply, and other amplifier measurements
  • Timing Characterization - Extensive triggers allow fast event isolation
  • Slow/High-speed Signal Mix - Long memory, HFREJ trigger coupling, and built-in noise filtering enable fast understanding of signal behavior in circuits with a mix of slow-speed (sensor, actuator, power supply, mechanical) and high-speed signals



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