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SDA 100G - LeCroy Digital Oscilloscopes

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SDA 100G - LeCroy Digital Oscilloscopes

100.0GHz (Bandwidth)

The WaveExpert and SDA 100G are the first instruments to combine the high bandwidth and accuracy of a sampling oscilloscope with the speed and flexibility of a real time instrument. These are the first products in the new instrument class called Near Real Time Oscilloscopes (NRO) which eliminate most of the constraints of traditional sampling scopes. The WaveExpert family features high acquisition speed, a responsive GUI and a powerful suite of analysis tools. Enabled by another new LeCroy technology—Accelerated Throughput Architecture (ATA), WaveExpert comes to market with up to 100 GHz bandwidth, signal acquisition speeds 100 times faster, and memory depths 125,000 times deeper than conventional sampling scopes. In addition to much higher throughput, LeCroy ATA allows for signal analysis algorithms that rival capabilities found in only real-time oscilloscopes.



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