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86109A - Optical / Electrical Module

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86109A - Optical / Electrical Module

The Agilent 86109A provides the widest bandwidth for measurements of very high-speed optical waveforms. The integrated, calibrated optical receiver allows for easy, precise analysis of optical signals. The flat frequency response provides low-distortion, high-fidelity measurements. An average power meter is built in. The companion electrical channel has over 40 GHz bandwidth.

Key Features:
30 GHz amplified optical channel for 9/125 fibers
  • Wavelength range: 1000-1600 nm
  • Characteristic RMS noise: 15 uW (30 GHz BW)
  • Maximum average input power: 2 mW
40 GHz electrical channel with 3.5 mm male input
  • Characteristic RMS noise: 0.25 mV (18 GHz BW), 0.5 mV (40 GHz BW)
  • Maximum input signal: 2 Vdc

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