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N4861B - Probes

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N4861B - Probes

The N4851B MIPI D-PHY acquisition probe and N4861B MIPI D-PHY stimulus probe enable users to perform real-time digital serial analysis and generate real-time digital serial stimulus of the MIPI D-PHY interface.

Both probes support the CSI-2 (Camera Serial interface) and DSI (Display Serial Interface), enabling users to comprehensively characterize the behavior of controllers as well as display or camera devices.

The Agilent Technologies N4851B acquisition probe and the N4861B stimulus probe operate in conjunction with Agilent 16800 and 16900 Series logic analyzers to provide the digital serial stimulus and acquisition capabilities required to independently debug and test MIPI D-PHY components , or integrate MIPI D-PHY based mobile designs.


MIPI D-PHY Compliant Digital Stimulus
  • Maximum stimulus speed: 1Gbps
  • Up to 3 lanes stimulus
  • Low power and high speed modes support
  • Voltage level support: Adjustable low power and high speed voltages
Stimulus Probe Features
  • Deterministic D-PHY, DSI, and CSI-2 pattern generation
  • Configurable traffic can be generated from the interface or from CSV files
  • Timing control of MIPI D-PHY link layer events
  • Captured logic analyzer trace converted to digital stimulus
Methods for Creating Stimulus
  • Custom programming package
  • Bit level to picture level stimulus generation
  • Captured logic analyzer trace converted to digital stimulus

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