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82A04- Phase Reference Module

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82A04- Phase Reference Module

70.0GHz (Bandwidth)

Tektronix 82A04 Phase Reference Module 60G for the DSA8300 1 Sampling Oscilloscope

  • Extremely Low Jitter <200 fsRMS (typical)
  • Flexible Operation
    • Triggered
    • Untriggered (Free-running) Acquisition Without Trigger Signal
  • Support for Enhanced Acquisition Modes (FrameScanŽ)
  • Wide and Continuous Frequency Range 2 GHz - 60 GHz
  • Small Module Implementation Allows:
    • Acquisition on Six Other Channels
    • Placement Close to the DUT with Module Extender Cable
  • Fast Acquisition Rate



Sample Rate

Memory Depth
1 MPoints record length

More Details
Digital Serial Analyzer

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