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ZVC - Rohde & Schwarz Network Analyzers

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ZVC - Rohde & Schwarz Network Analyzers

8.00GHz (High end frequency limit)

  • Excellent dynamic range >130 dB (IF bandwidth 10 Hz)
  • Low inherent noise <-130 dBm (measurement bandwidth 3 kHz)
  • Broad frequency range for universal use 20 kHz to 8 GHz (ZVCE, ZVC)
  • High measurement speed <125 µs/point (normalized) <240 µs/point (fully calibrated)
  • Fast data transfer via IEC/IEEE bus
  • Transfer time <15ms (200 points)
  • Customized, upgradable family concept
  • Modular design using options
  • High sweep rate >>25 sweeps/s (200 points)
  • Manual calibration techniques TOM, TRM, TRL, TNA, TOM-X, TOSM
  • Automatic calibration AutoKal Compatibility with PC, CAE Internal PC with Windows NT operating system suitable for PC applications

High end freq limit

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Vector Network Analyzer

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