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TLA6204 - Tektronix Logic Analyzers

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TLA6204 - Tektronix Logic Analyzers

136-channel Logic Analyzer module, 8 GHz timing, 235 MHz state, 2 Mb record length)

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The affordable TLA6000 Series of logic analyzers offer the performance needed to debug, validate, and optimize the functionality of your digital system. The TLA6000 Series also provides a comprehensive set of signal integrity debug tools that allow you quickly isolate, identify, and characterize elusive and hard-to-find problems. Add a broad range of support for today's applications, and you have the ideal tool to help you meet all of the debug challenges of today's digital designs.

The TLA6000 Series allows you to effectively validate and debug the functionality of your digital designs:

  • Use the patented 8 GHz MagniVu technology to accurately measure timing relationships. The single, integrated acquisition architecture of the TLA6000 Series eliminates the timing skew problems inherent in other logic analyzer architectures
  • Capture on buses with clock rates up to 800 MHz and data rates up to 1.25 Gb/s
  • Buy the capability you need now and upgrade as your measurement needs grow
  • Quickly isolate events through a simple and intuitive drag-and-drop trigger setup
  • Easily summarize your designís performance with sophisticated drag-and-drop measurements such as frequency, period, pulse width, duty cycle, and edge count
  • View data in a variety of time-correlated formats including waveform, listing, graph, disassembly, source code, or compare

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